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The Difference Between Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment

Many people merge the two services into one, but they’re both subtly different from each other. However, confusion arises because they’re often completed at the same time and are both vital to the quality and safety of your car. But what actually is wheel balancing and how is it different from wheel alignment? What is... Read More

What is Engine Remapping?

If you own a prestige, high-performance vehicle and haven’t heard about engine remapping, you’re missing out! Here at PJE Automotive, we love making these vehicles even better, and a large part of that involves engine tuning and reconditioning as part of a remapping service. But what is this? Well, we’re here to answer the three... Read More

How to change a tyre successfully

A flat tyre is never a good sign when you’re out and about. You can’t keep driving on it, so what’s the best course of action? Well, if you’re looking to change a tyre yourself, it’s worth following these tips! Always change a tyre safely First and foremost, only change a tyre if you feel... Read More

What does my Engine Management Light mean for me?

It can be incredibly alarming when a dashboard warning light comes on, especially if it’s the engine management light. While there’s usually a specific problem being highlighted by other warning lights, there’s no one trigger for this one. A whole host of problems could be to blame. So, what should your next steps be if... Read More

Why is a cambelt change so important?

Ah yes, the unsung hero of your vehicle’s engine. Your cambelt, or timing belt as it is also known, plays a major role in keeping your vehicle running and the results can be disastrous if anything goes wrong with it. Here’s a few reasons why a cambelt change is so important, especially if you own... Read More

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